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The Chamber of Advocates, known locally as Kamra tal-Avukati, stands as a cornerstone in Malta’s legal framework.

Established in 1877, this autonomous body symbolises professionalism, ethics, and advocacy for legal practitioners across the island. In this article by, we will delve into what the Chamber of Advocates is, who it represents as well as it’s goals and duties.

Laws of Malta - Chamber of Advocates Guide

πŸ“— Frequently Asked Questions about the Chambers of Advocates

What is the role of the Chamber of Advocates and its history?

Originally established as the β€˜Camera degli Avvocati’ on January 18th, 1877, the Chamber of Advocates, also known as the β€˜Kamra tal-Avukati’, serves as a self-regulatory body for all warranted advocates in Malta.

How many lawyers are members of the Chamber of Advocates?

Currently, there are over 1,000 registered lawyers who are members of the Chamber of Advocates, with operational decisions made by members through various organizational structures.

Are there regulations governing advocates’ conduct?

Advocates adhere to a Code of Ethics established in consultation with and approved by the Kamra, under the oversight of the Commission for the Administration of Justice, with adjudication handled by the Committee for Advocates and Legal Procurators.

How can I get legal advice if I can’t afford a lawyer?

Free legal aid is available for individuals unable to pay, with eligibility determined by a means test. For more information, contact Legal Aid Malta at Tel. No. 25674330.

How can I raise concerns about a lawyer in Malta?

A Chamber of Advocates representative will handle minor issues related to terminating lawyer services, while serious complaints should be directed to the Commission for the Administration of Justice at the Grandmaster’s Palace, St George’s Square, Valletta.

πŸ“— The History of the Chamber of Advocates

Laws of Malta - Chamber's History

Tracing its origins back to 1877, the Chamber of Advocates has evolved into a venerable institution that champions the highest standards of legal professionalism in Malta.

Operating from its headquarters in the historic Law Courts on Republic Street, Valletta, the Chamber has been instrumental in shaping the ethical and professional landscape for Maltese advocates.

πŸ“— The Chamber’s Role and Operations

The Chamber’s committee comprises 11 members elected for a two-year term.

Functioning as a volunteer-driven, non-political, and non-governmental organisation, the Chamber’s operations are funded through member fees and various fundraising activities.

Recognised by law as the consultative body for advocates in matters pertaining to justice administration, the Chamber undertakes an informative, lobbying, consulting, and regulatory role.

πŸ“˜ Lobbying and Consulting

The Chamber plays a critical lobbying role, advocating for the legal profession’s interests and ensuring that its members’ voices are heard in policy-making circles.

Its consulting function further guides advocates on professional practice and ethics, while also educating the public on these matters.

πŸ“˜ Regulatory and Support Functions

Beyond lobbying and consulting, the Chamber serves a quasi-regulatory role, offering guidance on the appropriate exercise of the legal profession.

It organises lectures, seminars, and conferences to keep its members abreast of legal profession updates, procedural law, and professional ethics.

πŸ“— Membership Benefits

πŸ“˜ Professional Representation and Support

Membership in the Chamber of Advocates guarantees representation by a recognised professional body dedicated to supporting legal professionals’ interests.

Members benefit from advice on professional matters and free access to international due-diligence reporting services.

πŸ“˜ Economic Advantages

Economic benefits include special discounts on seminars and events, access to Chamber-administered offices, and free subscription to the local legal magazine “Law and Practice.”

πŸ“˜ Educational Opportunities

The Chamber’s commitment to continuous education is evident in its regular organization of seminars and conferences, aimed at informing members about legal profession updates and procedural law advancements.

πŸ“— The Chamber’s Website

A pivotal resource for both members and the public, the Chamber’s website hosts a comprehensive directory of advocates, accessible legal documents, and a variety of informational materials.

It serves as a hub for news, job vacancies, and details on upcoming Chamber events.

πŸ“— Conclusion: A Pillar of Legal Excellence

The Chamber of Advocates in Malta embodies the essence of legal excellence, ethics, and professional development.

As a guiding force for advocates and a beacon of legal knowledge for the public, the Chamber continues to uphold the values it was founded upon in 1877.

For anyone involved in or interested in the Maltese legal system, the Chamber of Advocates represents a vital institution of support, advocacy, and education.

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